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Wasted Spell

Savvy Sandros picked up his Gibson iGuitar and ran onto stage. The spotlights flashed on, showering him in bright white light. The drummer pounded the skins and the crowd roared in response.

"Are you ready to rock?" Savvy screamed.

The crowd howled.

Jimmy Thunderclap slid across the stage on his knees, belting out a might riff to excite the crowd further.

Savvy ripped into his world renowned opening guitar solo that the crowd expected to hail the start of three hours of mayhem.

The crowd shrieked and shouted.

Savvy leapt to the front of the stage, whirling his arm in a windmill action. He was about to start the first song of the set when a gorgeous brunette in the crowd lifted her top, flashing him with a perfect set of silicon assets.

The guitar went flat, losing its commanding voice and died with a murmur. Savvy tried quickly to regain his composure, but could not concentrate on the song in his head. Without this psychic link, the guitar was useless. He had no idea how to play it old school, with his hands.

Savvy’s thoughts continued to embrace the fan’s perk breast and the guitar did not understand what noise it was supposed to be making. It whirled and whined, then exploded, knocking Savvy to the ground with a gaping hole in his groin.

The crowd screamed in terror.

The guitar continued to make a murmuring, jumble-lee, jumble-lee, sound until it eventually gave up.

Story by:

Scott Wilson

submitted at 5:59am

4 June 2009