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Did You Think I'd Stay Human?

I miss being gossamer-winged, and riding on steeds whose hoofs wouldn't bruise the lips of a honeysuckle, and hovering like a butterfly to sup on the dew. Did you, my fairy prince, notice when I slipped away? Did you think I'd stay a fairy forever?

When Peter, tripped and fell at my feet , he fancied me more than he fancied the fairy gold I guarded.

For him, I traded my magic and pocket dimensions.

"Do they hurt?" Peter's breath skimmed my shrunken wings.

"Not at all." Though I missed being tiny and aloft, his t-shirt outlined his pectorals a treat.

"We'll make new wings from feathers and jewelers wire for Mardi Gras."

"Icarus tried that, didn't work."

"What difference does it make, we're not going to actually fly?"

Peter will never soar too close to the sun.

"Do you still love me?" he asked, kissing my neck, my shoulder, my nipple.

"Yes." I would love him for the next one hundred and seventy thousand minutes until I became tiny and aloft again, as dust motes.

Story by:

Emma Munro

25 September 2015