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The Weekend

He was my soulmate. From the first day that I laid eyes on him, I knew. His brown eyes, his full lips, his mature build, everything about him was perfect. I knew he loved me, and I loved him. When we were apart, our hearts yearned for one another. My heart hurt when I thought of him without me. I never thought Id be one of those people to fall in love so deeply, and yet, here I was.

We were lying together on my bed, my head on his chest, rising and falling to his deep breaths. I was holding his hand, thinking about us; about what we were and where we were going, and about the long future I knew we were going to have. My cold fingers grazed his thigh. He flinched.

"Sorry." I giggled, "Its freezing."

I exhaled hot air onto my palm and then laid my hand on his chest. I rubbed it, moving from his neck to the bottom of his torso, just the way I knew he liked it.

He moaned. I smiled and went no further, not wanting to cause too much excitement. I rested my head on his heart, his stubble tickling my forehead. He usually kept a clean shave but wed been lying together all weekend.

He said something.

I looked up past the ropes binding his neck and peeled the duct-tape from his lips.

"Yes, Dad?" I asked.

He screamed.

I lay the tape back.

God, I loved him.

Story by:


14 December 2015