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I'll Take It

I open to the title page of The Elements of Style. There, at the top, is a note written from a grandfather to his granddaughter, Ariana. It's simply addressed and written in slanted cursive, but it's obviously been written with care. I thumb through the book. A note slips from it. Typed on hotel note paper is a letter to Ariana. Another message from the past. He mentions Ariana is a high school senior in 1999, about to embark into the world of university. He brags a bit about how easily he got into Harvard. The book is a gift meant to inspire Ariana. I glance around the second hand store as if Ariana might magically appear and ask for her book back. I approach the checkout counter and pull a dollar from my purse.

Story by:

Rose Viņa

5 January 2016