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Poorly Punctuated Dinner Party, England

In the hallway, Kate introduces her two guests to her husband, Dick.

'Roger Sue Dick. Dick Roger Sue.'

'A pleasure.'

'A pleasure.'

'Likewise. Shall we eat Kate?'

'Okay. Roger Sue in the dining-room. Please come.'

'Let's enter Sue.'


Later, in the dining-room ... 'Kate tastes great!'

'Moist Kate.'

'Roger more?'


'Stuffing Sue?'


Later ... 'Roger bottoms up. Bottoms up Sue.'

Later ...

'Chocolate finger Sue Roger?'


'Dick finger?'


After their goodbyes, the hosts go up to bed. 'Dick?'


'It wasn't a question.'

'I've got to be up early.'

Story by:

Ashley Chantler

8 January 2016