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Multiple Me

I could heard my heart beating. I could hear our heart beating. They say time is a blind guide, and it seemed as though I was the encaged Chronos. I could hear my heart beating, it was the only sound. When the room went dark, and he made his entrance, I counted. I counted the drums in my chest until he left. I could hear my heart beating. It beat faster when she started stopping by after visiting hours. She was not like him, and she was not like me. Every second that passed was one more heartbeat, and the day I'll run out of beats to count will be the day they leave. I didn't know who "he" was, but he existed in me and through me. He said not to trust them. They said he was a rupture in me. He was no good for me. They didn't acknowledge her. She repeated the same thing he said. "Don't trust them." She and him turned me into we. And she turned me and him into three. My doctor says there's just me, but we'd beg to differ.

Story by:

Monica Rugemaninzi

8 February 2016