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Jeri and his friend Bud are out exploring outside of town. They find an outlet that looks similar too a drainage pipe. The pipe is large enough in diameter for a person to stand up.

Bud has a flashlight so they decide to see where it leads. Both Jeri and Bud notice how smooth the interior of the pipe is compared with other drainage pipes that are usually corrugated. When they reach the end they see a large metal object blocking the path. The object is almost the same diameter as pipe. The space between the interior of the pipe and the object is less than a centimeter.

Jeri can see writing stamped into the object. The writing says, Ashley Munitions Company Model No. 187431 Serial No. A-8-4119-B8. Jeri and Bud decide to leave. Coming from the backside of the object they can faintly hear someone say, "Fire."

Story by:

Denny E. Marshall

22 February 2016