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Quintessential Blue

Striking Cyan; the sky is Striking Cyan.

Moon Shimmer; the single wisp of cloud is Moon Shimmer.

Earth Glaze; the sand is Earth Glaze.

My shack is Marine Splash.

Inside I've been creative; the palette draws inspiration from natural stone, heather fields and berry picking. I'm not too pleased with the result. No matter, when it's dry I'll start again.

The shipping container on the rocks is... Juicy Red and is starting to show streaks of... Orange Fizz.

The rocks are Cocoa Powder, Conker, Intense Truffle and Leather Satchel.

Last winter, when the storms came and flattened my old shack, I lived in the shipping container, but the waves crashing on the sides kept me awake.

When all the paint is gone I will float the container onto the beach and roll it above the tide-line. It will be hard work but I have plenty of time.

Azure Fusion; the sea, far, far out to the empty horizon, is Azure Fusion, melding to Bermuda Cocktail three, then four, then five, until it tumbles onto the beach and licks the sand with bubbles of Frosted Dawn turning the Earth Glaze to Sun Drenched Saffron.

Story by:

Tim Potts

14 April 2016