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Today's New Word Is...

He was a whirling vortex in the kitchen as he prepared dinner. Green spinach, red sauce and white dough blurred together as he assembled the pizza. In the midst of his maelstrom he clipped the cool grey slate pizza stone which initiated its rapid journey to the floor. His foot shot out to break its fall. Instead the stone hit his toe right in its sweet spot and snapped in two.


Suddenly he felt a gaze upon him. He looked down into the sparkling green pools of his two-year-old daughter's eyes looking up at him quizzically.

"Please no please no please..."

His daughter smiled. He smiled tentatively.

"Fuck," she said, proudly beaming, green eyes twinkling.

From the other room came his wife's voice: "You're taking her to daycare tomorrow."

Story by:

Patrick Creery

23 April 2016