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Lab Results

Carl slammed the front door and grumbled as he stomped toward the living room.

Gladys switched off the vacuum cleaner. "What's got your goat? You look like you're about ready to punch a hole in the wall."

"Stupid lab techs. They can't get anything right."

"Computer problems again?"

"Not that kind of tech. I got my jock rash checked out at the walk-in clinic. Some young, freckle-faced female doctor examined me, then asked me for a urine sample. Said the lab would process it right away."

"That must have been embarrassing."

"I think she was more embarrassed than me. She blushed brighter than a prize-winning tomato at the fall fair. I tried to keep it light. You know, joking about cold hands, warm heart. She never cracked a smile, though. From the look on her face, I thought maybe I was dying or something."

Gladys's eyes widened. "Are you all right?"

"Yeah. She apologized and said I reminded her of her ex-boyfriend. They just broke up. Then she lectured me about diet and exercise. Said I'm overweight."

"Is that why you're all torqued?"

"No. I gotta go back tomorrow for more tests. The lab results indicate my blood sugar is too high. And I'm pregnant."

Story by:

Henry O. Akberg

23 April 2016