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I am the uncle that dresses the best and drinks all the wine. The one that ruined Christmas in 03', the one that tells inappropriate bedtime stories. Afraid of me when your were two, you cling to when you are four. When you were eight we tried to train your cat to respond to Harry Potter spells. I'd shout "AVADA KEDAVRA" you holding the cat would fall to the ground, play dead.When you entered a room and saw me, you would point and shout "STUPIFY," and I would have to freeze.

Now forever nine, your frozen face screams "STUPIFY". The music is always loud in the car. I. Could. Not. Hear.

I should have scream! I would have stopped, I would have froze. Drunk I heard a thunk and drove away. "AVADA KEDAVRA" the killing curse, I shout in the mirror every day and think about the Christmas of 03' and how it got ruined after I drank all the wine while dressed all fine.

Story by:

Rex Carey Arrasmith

15 May 2016