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Missing Socks

Bobby caught one! He stayed up after his mother put the last load of clothes in the dryer. He waited in dark with a mason jar and dropped it over the tiny head as it made its way to the dryer. He ran up to his room and turned on the lights to see it. A sock gnome!

"Please release me!" it cried out.

Bobby shook his head. "Now everyone will believe me, I told them you're the reason one sock is always missing!"

"Please, it's the only way we can make clothes for our families. One sock can clothe an entire village. We are too tiny to farm cotton, socks are a huge part of our economy. Please let me go back to my family."

Bobby felt bad about keeping him from his family. He could see the vest the gnome wore had been made out of the missing red sock he was looking for last week. He open the jar and the gnome ran out.

"Wait," Bobbie called out. "How do you get the sock out of the dryer?"

The gnome was gone before he could get and answer. Bobby knew that the mystery of how one sock seems to always come up missing from dryers around the world, would never be completely solved.

Story by:


16 May 2016