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Second Chance

Do you remember when we were last here? I know, how could you forget, I tried to stab you through the heart. Good thing I missed and you managed to restrain me. I would have regretted it all my life. I don't blame you for driving me right to a police station and dragging me inside to press charges. Too frantic, too obsessive, too unpredictable to warrant a second chance, you said. I hated you of course and swore eternal vengeance, but the time I spent in prison did me good. I found sobriety and I found religion. I'm out now. I wonder if I could come see you? And you got married and had a child, didn't you? I'd love to see them too.

Love eternal,


P.S. I guess you're wondering how I found your new address. Listen, I learned more in prison than I ever did on the outside, and it's mostly because people on the inside are incredibly sharing! I have you to thank for that. Another reason I'd like to see you...

Story by:

M.C. Neuda

18 May 2016