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On the Skyline

"Hey, look outside, it is one nasty day. Rainy, windy, even some snowflakes blowing...and itís already the start of May..." Veronica said, abruptly cut off by her best friend Sally.

"...and the bitter chill will fill the air very soon. I know, you say it every year around this time." Sally finished.

"But itís different now we live in the city. Just look out there," Veronica, said pointing to the ancient stonemasonry on the roof of parliament house. "Itís so eerie and sinister with a backdrop like that."

Sally pulled the curtains shut, blocking out the flash of lightning before Veronica saw the gargoyles lit up, spooking her further.

"I donít know why you wanted to move into the city if it freaks you out so much?" Sally said.

"Donít get me wrong, Veron. I have always been scared of the dark, ever since I was a little girl. Itís just the last few months Iíve felt like weíre being watched."

A flash of lighting lit up the sky again and the roof of the building across the road appeared closer, even through the thick curtains.

"You silly goose," Sally said. "I donít think there are any peeping Tomís at parliament house. But then again..."

Sally pulled the curtains open again after the next flash of lightning.

"See," she said. "There isnít anyone there at this hour."

Lightning flashed again.

Veronica gasped.

Sally turned and briefly saw the gargoyle before it crashed through the window.

Story by:

Scott Wilson

submitted at 6:11am

4 June 2009