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Things Have Changed

"Men aren't what they used to be anymore," 70-year-old Jackie took a sip out of his friend's glass of apple juice after finishing his own.

"Yer right Jackie!" Parker walked to the stove,

"Are you hungry?"

Jackie nodded and carried on his rant, "I hate working on the ship with these insufferable lads. They have no manners, their heads are inflated and the stench is the worse."

"Here you go, have some meat." Parker tossed some cooked meat in Jackie's plate and settle on the chair next to him.

"People aren't like our times anymore; the world is changing for the worst."

"I know Jackie, I know."

Jackie swallowed the first bite and made a face.

"Well, this tastes... strange."

"I know Jackie. As ye know, men aren't what they used to be anymore."

Story by:

Zahra Akbar

23 May 2016