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Cupid's Coffee

In class, painfully shy Willoughby stole glances at confident, articulate, Helen.

Writing was his voice.

Willoughby's mid-term essay likened his unspoken feelings for brown-eyed classmate Helen to a poet's unrequited love for a close friend.

One afternoon, Helen texted friends while entering the campus coffee shop. She collided with Willoughby, who dropped his latte.

"I'm so sorry!"

"It's OK," he stammered.

"Can I buy you another cup?"

He froze.

"Hey, aren't you in Victorian Poetry?"

Willoughby nodded.

"You rarely say a word, but my Mom thinks you're a brilliant writer."


"Our professor. I'm her daughter, Helen."

She winked.

Story by:

Neil Tarpey

3 June 2016