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Empty Nest

I woke up this morning with a tap tap tap from a crimson colored bird on my bedroom window. Not tapping at me mind you, tapping at his reflection trying to drive himself away from the nest he and his mate just built in the tree just opposite my window. Every-time I approach, it flies away only to return and tap tap tap with increased vigor. Each attack comes in bursts of three tap tap taps then preening at his reflection... not his... yes his, his own stupid, unrecognized reflection.

Today I learned domesticated talking birds that escape are teaching wild talking birds expletives that sometimes become that flock's group call. This would explain the, "hey hey hey .... ASSHOLE," I think I hear from the murder of crows that swoop down, trying to get at the eggs my Crimson bird neighbor has been trying to protect from himself in my window and now from hungry crows.

Today I am sad to report that he and his mate's aerial maneuvers successfully protected their eggs but not their hatchlings. I wept on and off all day watching mom and dad Crimson bird trying to feed an empty nest and then they were gone.

Story by:

Rex Arrasmith

16 June 2016