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They are pale pink with fringes round the bottom and they get dirty quick but my nan says I can't put the new ones til tomorrow which makes me real angry. Tomorrow is cold and I don't want the shorts on so I am angry again. And the spots on my nose are bigger today.

When mum died she didn't write me a letter like in Billy Elliot she didn't write to anyone or say anything but she just walked down the beach after her shift. I should have asked her about my Dad I s'pose. And Nan says WE SHOULD HAVE SEEN THE SIGNS but it's not like there would have been a poster or one of those neat little ones to get you to slow up past school.

I talk to her photo and she says more now than she ever did when she was alive. Perhaps she is more alive than we are. Nan says I'm creepy and touches my hair. I think I could get used to that.

I have another photo of us together and my curls are blond and poking over her shoulder. She is smiling which she didn't much. Did I make her sad or was that someone else?

When I grow up I will live by the sea and wave to mum and wear shorts every day. But I won't build any sandcastles. Ever.

Story by:

Marie Gracie

27 June 2016