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Extreme HR

On an overpopulated world with limited resources, only employed people had any right to life. As a final kick in the teeth, they gave her an hour to clear her desk and orders not to talk to anyone on her way out.

"We have to let you go," the Human Resources suit said with consummate insincerity, pressing a button to terminate her contract and alert the authorities. She now had a month to find a job before Regulators paid her a visit."Please accept this is nothing personal and you'll get excellent references," he said, but that wasn't the point. She pulled out a laser and watched fake concern vanish before she vaporised him.

"I'll have your job," she said, fingers dancing over the solid-air keypad to submit a formal application. Under article three hundred of the updated employment regulations, stepping into dead men's shoes was a valid way to remain legal. Nothing personal, but it had everything to do with personnel.

Story by:

R. S. Pyne

2 July 2016