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Just Ducky

It wasn't till I returned from Cuba that I realized what a stupid thing I said to Marquito. There he is in the video, standing in front of a wire cage.

"Here are the ducks." He points to them, his grin exposing an emergent front tooth. "This one's a boy and that one's a girl."

That's when my voice breaks in. "Tell us their names!"

Marquito shifts his weight and looks to the left, where his mom stands off-camera.

"Um, ah…this one is Jose. And that one, um, ah, is--Josefina!"

Presto! The ducks have been christened and elevated to the status of pets. And I won't even be there for the fallout the day Jose and Josefina are served up next to a mound of arroz con frijoles.

Story by:

Martha Mazarredo Freeman

11 August 2016