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The Girl On Top Of The Mountain

There is a girl who lives on top of the mountain. She spends her days working at a restaurant just down the road from the tiny house she shares with her boyfriend. At night she dreams of the better life her boyfriend has been promising her, a life she believes should take her far, far away from the mountain. She promises the baby now growing inside her that someday soon they will get away from this place and do something amazing with their lives.

One day a man passing through the area stops by the restaurant for lunch. Innocent bystanders would describe this man as a handsome stranger. He stares into the girl's deep blue eyes and sees her ponytail illuminated by the sunlight streaming through the front windows and he is smitten, which is just a fancy word meaning "struck down." In that moment he offers the girl the better life she has been seeking. He offers her everything he has and more.

The girl is tempted to drop everything and run away with the handsome stranger. She glances at her ring finger, imagines the ring that should be there and the one that could be there. The baby kicks then, bringing her back into the moment and out of the perfect world she was beginning to see clearly in her dreams. She decides she will take her chances with the life she knows instead of the one that might be. She asks the man if she can take his order, and someone drops and shatters a plate in the kitchen.

Story by:

Daniel Slaten

12 August 2016