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Party Twin

The sun had long set over the Pasadena suburb. With the moon high and the sky clear, Annabelle sat in her bed. Lips pursed and brow furrowed she stared blankly at her phone screen. The bed beside hers remained as empty and cold as when Ashlyn had first left. Finally her phone buzzes with a message.

Disappointment fills her as she reads Aaron’s text. Ash had shown up at Aaron’s door, too inebriated to do much more than stumble and yell. Aaron offered to either take her home now or let her stay and sober up then help sneak her back into the house before sunrise. Ash was too drunk to not wake their parents should she be brought home now. Ash would not be able to control her volume.

But how much longer could Anna let this go on? Pressing a few keys in response she frowned. Hovering over the send key she contemplated the consequences. With a heavy heart she pressed send. Anna curled under her covers and closed her eyes. This was the calm before the storm.

Story by:

Camri H.

13 September 2016