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Committed To You

My love.

I did it, finally.

We met at the train station and then went for drinks.

We talked for a while; just idle chit-chat. We danced a tango on a bandstand laughing like children.

We partied at a club for a while once night fell, and then I took her back to the hotel.

We drank and talked for a while before I wrapped her in my arms. We made love, for the last time.

I told her my love. When the first rays broke through the window, I told her that it was the last time we would see each other and she wept.

She asked why, over and over. She cried and cursed me.

And then I left.

I only hope that you will have me.

You will have me, won't you?

Story by:

Matthew Greenwell

22 September 2016