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Felines are difficult to keep in space.

Their territorial nature makes communal living a nightmare, and itís not like they can just slip outside if things are too cramped.

Litter trays are a serious biohazard; weíve had to weight them down to stop them floating around like extremely unhygienic feathers


Their food reliably tastes better than the dreck we humans are given, so I have to stop the crew from pinching it. It even comes in vacuum-sealed pouches.

Plus they have a nasty habit of clawing apart oxygen pipes, looking for mice.

(The cats, I mean, not the crew.)

Needless to say, we canít let them anywhere near the lab rats.

I've been asked why I keep them on board at all.

Four words:

Zero Gravity Cat Pics.

Story by:

William Shaw

24 September 2016