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The Old Shoes

'We have done quite enough walking,' announced the old shoes to whoever was listening. 'We are quite worn out. Now all we want is to get back in the box, undisturbed, away from the brush and polish.'

'There were a time when you were glad to have our company,' the brush said, giving the shoes a last polish. 'How brightly you smiled when we had finished our work. Surely you have not forgotten?'

'No, we have not forgotten.' The old shoes began to stretch, making the leather crack. 'No, we have not forgotten,' they repeated, 'and how grateful we have been for your services. Those were the days,' they said, giving a slight crackle.

'Oh! How well we remember the soft silk stockings rubbing against us as the laces were tied into a tight bow. But now that we are old, let us rest in peace with our memories.'

Story by:

Karen Warren

4 October 2016