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A Robot Playing A Human Playing A Robot

"I need to understand my motivation," the robot says.

"You're pretending to be a robot," the acting coach says, "because the robots are killing all the humans."

"But I am a robot, so why would I have to pretend to be a robot?"

"Have you studied your lines? Even read the script?"

"Well, mainly I've been concerned with understanding my motivation."

"OK, let's back up," the coach says. "Maybe in real life you're a robot. But in this film you're going to be playing the part of a human. Are you with me?"

"Yes, yes. Of course."

"Good. Now in the film, there's a horrible war between humans and robots. The robots are winning, and they're killing all humans on sight."

"Yes, yes."

"So you...?" the coach says.

"So l..."

"Pretend to be a robot so the real robots don't kill you."

"... don't kill me. Got it!"

"Now I'll run these lines with you," the acting coach says, flipping through the script.

"OK. But first I'll let you in on a secret. I'm really a human. I just pretended to be a robot to get this job."

"Really?" the coach says. "Then I'll let you in on a secret." The director pulls off his index finger to reveal his digit death ray. "I'm really not a human. And this script? It isn't fiction."

Story by:

David Henson

29 October 2016