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"It's going to be okay." Katherine whispered again into her dash radio, trying to steady her freezing hands on the steering wheel. The clock read 4:37 AM. She'd been driving for a good hour with the heat cranked, but her breath was still visible inside the car.

After parking she flicked off her headlights and reached for her phone. She texted "I'm here" and then waited. Adrenaline coursed through her and Katherine's heartbeat throbbed inside her almost-numb ears. After an eternity she breathed a misty cloud sigh of relief when she saw only one figure emerged from the house, the shadow made bulkier by a backpack and suitcase. Neither of the women said a word until they had driven more than five miles. As the heater finally kicked in, Mary began sobbing.

"It's going to be okay." The words came out much more convincing than they had earlier, and Katherine was grateful.

"I'm such an idiot, Kat. Such a damn idiot. What's wrong with me??"


They were minutes away from Kat's apartment when a certain name flashed on Mary's phone. After only two full rings, Katherine watched in the rearview mirror as her best friend threw the phone out her window and onto the rain soaked empty highway that both women thought almost seemed to sparkle in the coming daylight.

Story by:

Alex Grady

18 November 2016