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My first serious girlfriend described herself as a nymphomaniac, but she never quite made my toes curl.

She checked her hair every time we passed a reflective surface and giggled like an anime girl if someone caught her. Fat people were a disease and she didn't find it impolite to heave at the sight of my sister's stretch marks.

Often I would catch her watching porn in the living room as if it was hipster. I never questioned it. I preferred it to day time telly.

I was told several times that I would have to keep up with her if I wanted her to stay faithful. After three months I stopped taking her seriously and we worked our way through Breaking Bad.

Six months in I fucked a new co-worker in the office toilets while she was at home making chilli. I told her about it and showed her the bite mark on my breast. I didn't think that it would bother her. For such an elfin creature, she hit me hard.

Story by:

Chloe Everill

21 November 2016