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Running From The Truth

From his doorway home, one of the invisible people eyed the woman as he took communion with his bottle. In this dark part of a resting metropolis, the blonde in the evening dress vanished only to reappear under the next street light. Her high heels, clicking like a fast clock, echoed against the closed store fronts.

Into a circle of yellow-bright sidewalk, the apparition stepped and yelled, "Hey!"

The woman stumbled as she glanced back at the sepia-colored gargoyle. She quickened her pace.

"Wait up!" The form called and chased after her. "I gotta tell you something!"

The blonde mined deep into her purse.

Her pursuer's sandals slapped like shots against the pavement as he gained on her.

She spun around to face him.

"Lady!" He bent low to catch his breath. "You haveó"

"Leave me alone," she screamed before she fired. Her shot of perfume misted his mop of tangled gray hair, and he sneezed. The man raised his head and gave her a frightening gap toothed smile.

The woman kicked off her shoes and ran.

He shrugged and watched the blonde disappear. Her dress stuck in the back of her underwear.

Story by:

Luke Walters

7 December 2016