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Zombie Hunting

We're sitting in a hide in the middle of Dalby Forest all weaponed up, wearing camouflage gear. Me and Lisa and the rest of our zombie hunter team mates. It's pitch black but not silent. We keep hearing screams and howls coming from out of the greenery.

Lisa has arranged this as a Valentine's present for us. I had been hoping to just exchange cards.

We've been a couple for five years but I've not popped the question. I sense Lisa is getting a bit edgy.

"It'll be a fun, bonding thing. Spend the night fighting side by side like 'The Walking Dead'," was how she'd sold it.

"Come on guys let's get out there!' Lisa shouts. No one moves. Slowly I stand up. I have no choice.

It's pretty creepy in the woods. The website's photographs of the "zombies" are totally convincing. I'm jumping at shadows like a kid again, holding up my semi automatic air rifle in front of me, breathing heavily.

A figure comes streaking out of the darkness at us, screaming. All white body paint, red mouth and fast. Very fast. Not like a human at all. I flashback to "World War Z."

Lisa gets off a few shots and the zombie collapses, writhing.

"Awesome!" She air punches.

Shoulder to shoulder we move stealthily. My heart's banging.

"I love you Lisa." I tell her.

"Do you?" she answers.

Another zombie comes screeching at us, waving an axe.

I yelp and shove Lisa in front me, "Take her!" I yell.

Story by:

Alyson Faye

22 January 2017