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On The Bright Side

I woke up this morning the same as every day before; rose and bathed, dressed and ate, then biked to work, sun on my face and wind in my hair.

I arrived in the office to a blank wall. Where did I put the art? Did I have any art? Ah well, art just distracts from the wall. Spent an hour working on next month's report. So what if they hadn't read the last 6. This one would blow them away. Lunchtime was slow to arrive but good things come to those who wait. I ate outside. Why not? The day was gorgeous. The guys from 8th were shooting hoops on the court. One of these days I may just go join them.

Later back up to my office. 5th floor. Great cardio on the stairs. I watched the clock tick away the minutes like time standing still; but as long as time stands still we're living right? Reports and emails to finish and send but they've got to get done.

Then 5 o'clock showed up, and I gathered my things, like every day before. I took the stairs down to my bike, like every day before. Unlocked the chain, hopped on and started back home, like every day before. Then the bus careened around the corner, clearly out of control. Well that was new.

I returned home for only a moment before disappearing into the light, just long enough to notice the one utensil I had left sitting on the kitchen table: my coffee spoon.

... Coffee spoons...

Damn you, T.S. Eliot.

Story by:

Brian George

20 February 2017