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Mystery Meat

We are a product of our environment. You grow up in a simple world--young, naive, plentiful. Your father takes you out for every "Fast Food Friday" to McDonald's, a staple in your childhood. What can you say? Happy Meals do make you happy.

Years pass by and you're looking for work. So, you decide to apply to that same glorious food chain. Congratulations, you're hired! They reward you with discounts and free food - your favourite.

Months later, you notice how much you've changed--the acne on your face, the burns on your arms, the wrinkles, the oily hair, the rancid odour of fry vats that never leave your clothes.

Tired and annoyed with picky customers, you sit in the crew room and begin to devour your meal. You salivate with each bite of "fresh" chicken breast, the same ones you grew up eating with Dad.

Suddenly, there is an odd crunch. Confused, you slowly pull it out of your mouth, revealing the head of a lifeless chicken.

Completely horrified by your findings, still wide-eyed, you place it back into your mouth, and chew.

Story by:

Bryana Crisostomo

24 February 2017