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A Sudden Trip

The first time I time travel, I am in the middle of strolling down the busy streets of the city, my mother's arm looped through mine. We walk peacefully and amicably, speaking about menial things. Suddenly, mother's serene smile turns into a horrified gasp as she frantically shields herself around me, staring wide-eyed at something over my shoulder. With an abrupt blinding light, I am standing behind a bush. As I wait for my vision to adjust, I notice rows upon rows of gravestones, neatly lined up on a flourishing green hill. I focus my gaze on a crowd of solemn looking people, dressed in black. Then, amidst the crowd, I see myself, standing in front of my father. We make eye contact. He approaches me and we sit behind the bush in silence. He stares at me blankly before leaning in and giving me a hug.

"You'll need it," he says. I cling onto him, confused. There is another burst of light, and I realize that I am on the sidewalk, back to the scene of my morning stroll. There is a car on the side of the road and the car is totaled and my mother is nowhere in sight.

With a sick feeling, I notice a puddle of blood on the sidewalk.

Story by:

Ariene Dela Cruz

24 February 2017