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My Lover

Her fingers were delicate. It was in the way she played with the rim of her tea cup, and the way she made hand gestures when she brought up stories of her past, which was enough to make me think. How can one be so graceful? Her hair was a strawberry blonde that bounced every time she let out the softest laugh and her eyes, oh her eyes. They were as green as the spring grass that was coming back to life after a restless winter.

"Aren't you going to drink your tea?" She asked.

I snapped back into reality and nervously laughed. I grabbed the cup, nearly spilling it and put it up to my lips having the steam fog up my glasses.

People surrounding us exchanged glances, eavesdropping on our conversation.

"I find our first encounter special, " She said, "You found me wandering around the book store."

Her eyes twinkled as she spoke.

"You also knocked over an entire book shelf when you leaned against it," she began to laugh which got me to laugh in return. I guess the atmosphere around us was so cheerful I couldn't stop myself from laughing, I've even had a couple of tears escape my eyes.

I felt a tap on the shoulder. I turned around to find one of the people who were glancing at us earlier stand next to me and ask,

"I'm sorry to bother, but who are you talking to?"

Story by:

Marta Franczak

24 February 2017