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Overheard On The Train

"So he was like, and she was like that too and they were both like, out the window and outta the place. Totally. She was like mad for it, and he knew it too. They both like, liked it really mad and..."

"Clapham. Clapham junction. Please remember to take all your personal belongings with you".

The guard spoke in agreement.

"So up for it. Really. Like I'm so angry I could follow him out the window. Really. Really? You neva? Like he meant it? Nah..."

The doors chimed in agreement.

"I tell you he was really off. Like totally off. Nah, she didn't. Not once like. He was you know. Like for real? Did it too you like? Nah. Neva. I'm totally with you babe. He didn't. He did what..."

Clunk. The doors closed noisily in agreement.

"Did he really? To you babe? Neva. Did it, did it, hurt?"

Jolt. The train moved in agreement.

"Do ya think so? Me? Neva. Like I wud not. Like, it's not right. Cud you babe? Wud you tell? Who you tell? But if he did that to me I wud..."

Screech. The brakes answered in agreement.

Story by:

George Ernest

28 February 2017