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I snuggle into the curve of your arm, watching the rise and fall of your chest as you settle down to sleep. Listening to the regular beat of your heart.

So near to each other, and yet, so far away. I sigh, thinking it might as well be a million miles, but as you fall asleep you look so peaceful, so rested, and I am thankful for that.

I try to imagine how you are feeling but realise itís just guesswork. A comfort blanket when I am at a point of despair. Occasionally I sense a flicker of recognition and hope rises once again that you are coming back to me, remembering times of long ago when we walked arm in arm, laughing, happy, oblivious to all but our feelings for each other, knowing, in reality, you are in a place no-one can reach.

You stir and turn your head towards me, smiling, and for a split second I forget where we are, relishing this precious moment, but then remembering, with a pain so deep, so lonely, that we are separate, and that you donít know me.

Story by:

Joy Thomas

29 March 2017