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Bath Cotillion

Waiting alone in the now-familiar confines of the drawing room, with the shouts of the street hawkers wafting in from outside, Belinda, even lovelier - if possible - in her grief, thought once more of tall Captain Wentworth, the man who had taught her how to feel. He was now, according to Countess Genevieve, studying medicine in Zurich with Dr. Frankenstein.

Then came a knock at the door, and she leapt to her feet with hope - and alarm - in her eyes. He was here! "Come to me, my darling!" he said quietly, dropping her lost jewel into her outstretched palm, and as he once again began to woo her with the sensual voice of his Stradivarius, she wondered if this would be a good time to remind him about the bailiffs waiting in the alley.

Story by:

Scott Wilson

submitted at 6:22am

4 June 2009