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Unusual Prey

He was out hunting, like any other Saturday, when he saw a slight movement in the distance. Robert got on one knee and loaded his rifle. He turned off the safety and looked in the scope to line up the shot. He could see a moose between the trees, it would be a clean shot and a perfect kill. A moose of that size would be able to feed his wife and child for a few days. He took a deep breath and pulled the trigger. After the quick bang from the shot, all Robert could hear was the rustling of the leaves on the trees. While he walked towards the prey, a strange glow of blue light came beaming from it. Blinded by the light, Robert's eyes readjusted to see a boy lying in the place of the moose. Robert blinked a few times in misbelief but what he saw, was definitely real. The boy had a bullet in his chest and was bleeding. Robert assumed he was dead or dying, but not for long. Robert watched in awe as it healed before his eyes and disappeared. The boy's eyes began to flutter and Robert quickly hid himself behind a nearby tree. The boy got up showing no signs of pain and looked around quickly before bolting off into the deeper wood. The days that went by after the incident were long. Robert kept on replaying the scenario in his head trying to make sense of it. He couldn't keep it to himself for much longer but after being made fun of by his wife and co-workers for trying to tell them what happened, he decided that no one would ever believe his story. It would have to be his secret.

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18 April 2017