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Dumb And In Like

"I Wanted the Whole World or Nothing" – Bukowski

I want you as much as I want to punch you in the face. You are bones covered in handsome guesswork. I am flesh, bright and alive, stuffed into a confused and pretty casing. We are snark—heavy handed and unrelenting.

On days that are days I can barely disguise my desire—it's eager and giddy; it sneakily seeps from my fingers into a text that you may not want. On nights that are nights your irreverence seals up any crack where a feeling might seep out—when you respond it's meant to be funny, but it usually just stings.

And, I know that you want me, to touch me. But, I don't think you want it enough. I know that I want you more than I should, and I try to convince myself that I want you just as much as I need to. I know I'll probably walk away with just a pocketful of desperate kisses, crushed and disintegrating. And, somehow I don't know if that's better than a love that could unfurl in a room, sullen, and deformed by rain.

Story by:

Jessica Gleason

31 May 2017