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The Circle Of Love

She walked him to the blue door, his little legs trotting to keep up with her, his little hands grasping the square lunch tin with super heroes painted on the front. He didn't want to come here, didn't want her to leave but she knew she would. She knew he'd be ok, well looked after, fed and entertained until she returned. He cried big fat tears which broke her heart as she turned away but when she came to collect him he had a happy smile on his face as he told her all about his day, the new friends he'd made and how he'd told the 'nice lady' he was going to be a paleontologist. Funny how he could say that word at four-years-old.

He walked her to the blue door, her tired legs unable to keep up with his. He slowed and asked himself if he'd thought of everything she needed. She didn't want to come here, didn't want him to leave her but he knew he would, he knew she'd be ok, well looked after, entertained until he returned. She cried small sad tears which broke his heart as he turned away. When he came to visit she was standing at the window. He wanted her to be smiling but she cried again, said she didn't want to be there and please could he take her home. 'You're safer here,' he said. She looked at her shoes and said 'I don't like this school. Can we try another. I told you when you were four if you didn't like it we'd try another. Can't you do that for me?' And he realised she still remembered some important things. 'Let's go, Ma,' he whispered. She smiled. 'Thank you, love.'

Story by:

Alva Holland


28 June 2017