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Young Love

There was a funny smell in Damian's room again.

A fundamental but unwritten law of the universe said teenage boys were supposed to stink but this sickly sweet death reek was different. Damian was an only child left to make his own entertainment.

He had been talking to someone in his room last night;I assumed he had just been on Skype with one of his online friends.

I pushed the door open, took a deep breath, and stepped inside. His indignant outrage easily ignored, I saw only the slumped horror propped on his pillows. One decomposing arm lay limp across my only son's narrow shoulders, blue eyes glazed and sightless.

Jenny Walker went missing two months ago but she had been with my boy all along. My darling angel smiled, wanting me to be pleased with what he had done, wanting me to be proud.

God help me but I loved him too much to call the police, doing what any good mother would have done to protect her child. Jenny rests now under a rose bush in the garden but she is not alone in her sun-dappled grave.

Damian's father will keep her company. Three years ago, the bastard wanted to leave us. I persuaded him to stay.

Story by:

R. S. Pyne

30 June 2017