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The Boat

A little white boat sails along the calm surface of the lake. Nobody steers it. Nobody tells it where to go. It gets stuck among yellow sea roses and pink coral. Gracefully it bobs up and down till it becomes free to move on once again.

This little marvel is made of paper. It is no bigger than an egg carton. The paper is supposedly waterproof and the workmanship superb.

At the shore stands the master who had folded the material into a boat: A little blonde blue-eyed boy. He is still a kid, skinny, unkempt, but with a wide smile on his face. As an orphan, few pleasures were his. He watched his little boat. Now he knew!

When grown up he would build himself a real boat. He would sail the seas. He was happy in the prospect of what he imagined. He had a goal! Slowly he turned. As he walked away, the little boat got shook up by waves caused by a proud white swan. The boat took on water and sank.

The little boy had been spared to watch this spectacle. When he came back the next day to have a look at his boat, the boat was gone. He was overjoyed. He thought the boat had taken off and sailed to some foreign place. The boy's dream of his future travel was safe.

Story by:

Alexandra H. Rodrigues

12 July 2017