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A Day In The Life Of Clifford And Rodney

From his kitchen window, Clifford nervously surveys the idyllic scene before him: the meticulous lawn he lovingly cares for, down on his hands and knees with his nose close to the blades of grass, each millimetre snipped with a pair of tiny gold scissors. As Clifford frets that the last thing his peaceful haven needs is that cat trashing the place, he suddenly sees his adversary, slinking arrogantly onto his property.

"Rodney!" Clifford screams quietly between gritted teeth, his mouth set in a rigor mortis grin. He runs outside and grabs the oblivious cat. "Caught you!" he yells, triumphantly holding the startled feline aloft like a hunter's trophy. Rodney's humiliated, furious claws swipe at Clifford's neck and chest, and his teeth snarl and snap around his face.

Clifford continues to wrestle with Rodney until he realises he hasn't thought through what he would do if he actually caught him, and Rodney's whole being is clearly saying, "The moment you put me down, Clifford, you're going to get it."

Story by:

Gillian Cowell


27 November 2017