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It's Wednesday, it's raining. You got lucky with a bit of spread betting on a sport you don't fully understand. What are you going to do with your time and your money? Take the plunge. Stop talking about it in the pub and the bookies and get it done

"Right, mate. What can I do you for?"

"Egg and chips twice please."

The tattooist licked her lips, then sucked in her cheek, seeming to bite it, before looking me straight in the eye and waiting.

"Either arm. No! Not either - I mean both. I'm a bit excited."

"You want me to do both arms?"

"That's it. Egg and chips twice. It was my mum and dad's favourite meal. I thought it was classier than just ‘Mum and Dad' and a heart.

We agreed a price and she got on with her work. I was there from first thing in the morning until well into the afternoon, hating every second of it. At one point she fed me crisps and held a cup of cold tea to my lips. I didn't look at my arms until I could sense she was coming to the end.

"I'm bleeding!"

She chewed the inside of her mouth again, working the needle all the time.

"Ketchup, mate. On the house."

Story by:

Rob Walton


28 November 2017