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Fortune Turns

My name's Fortune. Yeah, I get the irony. The customers like to make jokes. Ask me questions. I don't answer, it's not what they've come for. I pull them close and stick my tongue in their ears to shut them up.

You get good at sniffing out the freaks. Today my radar was off, prob'ly the rum n pills last night. He wanted a drive round the block with a pretty woman in the front seat. Too blurry and broke to say no. The locks clicked like thunder.

He drove out of town fast. I gripped the seat and sweated Captain Morgan. He stopped on the edge of the desert, nothing and no one there. Smiled like a skull's head. Put a clammy hand on my thigh. I retched. Then the surprise of a reflex, a felicitous ballet of limbs. Elbow up, smashing his nose, knee bent and leg strong kicking the door open, iron arms jerking him out and onto the sand.

Look at me, driving into an exaggeration of a sunset. This car's got everything I need, wad of cash, roof and four walls. I'll go where it takes me. And right now it's taking me to those pink and grey clouds in that big big sky.

Story by:

Philippa Bowe

2 January 2018