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Coffee Dreams

My mother has a thing about coffee. She has a thing about many things, but coffee, she says, is the piss of the devil. But I remember when she guzzled coffee like everyone else, before she was enlightened.

I wonder if it's my being pregnant that has made her crazy. Do you think that a future grandchild made her evangelical about healthy living? That might be okay but every chance she has, she's on the coffee thing. Coffee ages you, makes your nails brittle, and your skin dry. Even, according to her, coffee is why I didn't conceive until a year had passed. Plus, coffee is a frivolous budget No-No.

It's unreal. She says nothing about what it is like being a parent, nothing about her future grandchild, just advice about coffee! I would turn to her, like a child that needs comfort, but she has only one campaign. If I were to tell her about my nightmares, she'd ask how much coffee I'm drinking. I bolt awake because I've seen my newborn and it is a monster. I'm dreaming claws and reptilian skin. What mother-to-be would dream this?

What form of mothering is she exhibiting? What type of mother will I turn out to be? Will I develop a thing about…everything?

I don't know what to think. To start with; what about coffee?

Story by:

Liz Betz

31 January 2018