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The Sugar Lump

'I feel so empty,' the cup said to the hand putting it down. 'A moment ago I was filled to the brim, but now I have nothing to offer at all.'

'Cup,' replied the hand, 'do your task as I have done mine and then be content to rest a while, for I am sure you will be filled again.'

'And I,' said the Sugar Lump, 'am of no use lying here in my silver bowl. There was a time,' it continued sadly, 'when I was always in demand, but now times have changed... no one wants me any more.'

'Do not fret,' the sugar tongue said, putting its arms around the Sugar Lump. 'I for one am happy to be with you. Let's not complaine about our fate. After all, should you be used I would never see your sweet face again.'

Story by:

Karen Warren

10 February 2018