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The Immortal

"There are only four people in the world who keep the secret of immortality. One lives in a remote village at Tibet, unreachable but by the purest spirits. Another one wanders by the most desolated places, trying in vain to commit suicide, a mutilated creature praying for a pathetic end. The third one, as you well know, is you," I said, pointing to the rack where I had tied the Immortal.

"What do you want? My secret?" said the Immortal, struggling against the ropes.

"No, no, you donít understand." I said, smiling. "I am the fourth one. I just want to have a good time with you. A very, very long time, of course."

Story by:

Santiago Eximeno

submitted at 10:56am

4 June 2009

Santiago Eximeno's web: