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Going Somewhere

Mrs Llewellyn-Davies was all packed into the shabby old suitcase. She sat on the platform bench, folded arms but open mind. She knew the way she was heading but, for the first time ever, had no idea of a destination.

Her glance was caught by the movement of a brown tail between the rails. The wires sparked as the rat gnawed into the warm plastic cabling. She heard a pop!

Mrs Llewellyn-Davies was not perturbed by the sight of vermin in the midday sun. She was not distressed as the electrified corpse jolted against the tracks. Instead, she was heartily cheesed-off that the next Metro was now inevitably going to break down!

She stood up, adjusted her coat and took the luggage handle in her gloved grasp. She manoeuvred past teenage girls, their shrieks piercing the hubbub.

She simply hailed a cab from the taxi rank and seamlessly pursued her adventure.

Story by:

Andrew Halsall Smith

29 March 2018