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On the edge of man versus nature, the farm at the side of the road, a set of moose tracks large probably male, lead down the muddy driveway. Check the fences, lest the moose lumbered through and broke wires, snapped off posts. Go past the man planted trees, through the poplars and snowberry that self-plant along the side of the road. Choose the one less travelled.

On the edge of connecting but speaking a little from the heart. Pay attention to the posts like, love, laugh out loud. People versus posters. Lest it lumber through and hurt. Photographs. Sunsets, flowers, trust, peace, tranquility. Symbols not cymbals to clang. The noise of one hand clapping.

Camera, sunset, flowers. A truck with a set of large males stops on the lonely road. Fear lands close on the edge of rational caution versus hysteria. Lest it lumber through and display itself talk about the moose or social media. Memories for me too. Tracks. A smile looks out of place.

Story by:

Liz Betz

10 April 2018